Create a new stock item

Every stock item must have a Code, Name, Product Group and Location (if you're using multiple locations) before it can be saved.

Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Enter New Stock Item.

  1. Enter the stock item details on the relevant tab.
    • Details - product group, costing method, stocked unit, description, BOM details and barcode.
    • Batch/Serial Nos - batch and serial numbers, use by and sell by dates. Only shown for stock items where the product groups has traceable items set up.
    • Analysis - analysis codes, default nominal accounts, intrastat information and stocktake cycle.
    • Suppliers - preferred supplier details. Required for items the Direct To Customer or From Supplier Via Stock fulfilment methods.
    • Units of Measure - base, sales and purchase units. Only shown if buying and selling units are set up on the product group.
    • Alternatives - details of an alternative item to use when this one is out of stock.
    • Cross-selling - set up cross-selling items if you want to display complimentary items when you add an item to a sales order or quotation.
    • Locations - where the stock item is stored; warehouse and bin.
    • Attachments - files, folders and links such as images, connected to the stock item.
    • Memo - additional information about the item.
    • Comments - additional information to print on picking lists and despatch notes.
    • Landed Costs - the landed costs to be used with the stock item. Only shown if landed costs are set up on the product group.
    • Search Categories - the categories to specify for the stock item.
    • Manufacturing - details about the stock item that only apply if you're using the Manufacturing modules.
  2. To save the stock item, click Save.

Note: To duplicate an existing stock item, see Duplicate a stock item.