Supplier details (stock record)

To assign a supplier

Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Enter New Stock Item | Suppliers or

Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Stock Item Suppliers.

  1. To add a new supplier, click Add.

    To edit a supplier, select the supplier and click Edit.

  2. Select the supplier from the Code drop-down list.
  3. Enter the Supply details:

    Supplier stock code

    This can be printed on the purchase order in place of, or as well as, your own stock code.

    Lead time

    This is the number of days between placing an order for stock and its delivery.

    Usual order quantity

    This must be equal to or greater than minimum order quantity

    Minimum order quantity

    This is the smallest amount required when placing an order.

    The minimum order quantity is used when generating reports.

    It does not prevent an order below this amount from being recorded.

  4. Enter the Supplier pricing details. This determines which the price is used on purchase order by default. This can be a price you've agreed with the supplier or the last price paid for the item. If the price agreed with the supplier is only for a set period, then enter an expiry date. Once this has passed, the price is highlighted on the purchase order.

    Supplier list price

    Enter the supplier's price for the item.

    List price expiry

    Enter the date the price expires.

    Price Source

    Select the price you want to display on the purchase order, when ordering the item from this supplier.

    • List price - the price entered above

      If the price has expired, it is displayed with an orange warning highlight.

    • Last buying price - the last price paid.

  5. If required, enter the Landed Costs.

    Select the whether to use Value based or Percentage based landed costs for this item when ordering from this supplier.

    If you choose value based, make sure the value entered is in the same currency as the suppliers account.

    You must have chosen to use landed costs in the product group.

  6. Irish users only: If you produce Intrastat reports, select the country where this stock item is produced, from the list.
  7. Click OK to add the supplier to the item.
  8. To remove a supplier, select the required supplier and click Remove.
  9. To change the item's preferred supplier, select the required supplier from the list and click Set as Preferred.