Create a pro forma invoice for a prospect

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Spring 2018 version onwards.

You can create a pro forma invoice A request for payment before a service has been carried out. Most commonly used for new customers or those who are potential bad debtors. for potential customers and record them on a prospect account. This means you don't have to create new customer accounts that you might never use.

  • You must first create a generic customer account in the Sales Ledger for all your prospect pro forma invoices (and quotations). You then specify this as the Prospect account in the SOP settings Default Accounts tab.
  • You enter the details of a pro forma invoice for a prospect in the same way as you would enter a normal pro forma in Sage 200. However, as there is no customer account, you must enter a postal address for the pro forma.
  • If the pro forma invoice is accepted by the customer, you can then convert the pro forma invoice to a sales order, and create a new account for the customer.

Create a prospect account

  1. First, create an account for prospect customers.

    1. Open Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts > Enter New Account..
    2. Give the account the name Prospect, or something more appropriate to your organisation.
  2. Set this account as the prospect account.

    1. Open Sales Order Processing > SOP Utilities > System Set Up > SOP Settings.
    2. Go to the Default Accounts tab.
    3. Enable Allow quotations and pro formas to be entered for prospects.

    4. Select your customer prospect account.

Create a pro forma invoice for a prospect

  1. To enter a pro forma invoice for a prospect, use either:

    • Sales Order Processing > Pro Forma Invoices > Enter New Pro Forma for Prospect.
    • Sales Orders Processing > Pro Forma Invoices > Enter New Pro Forma, and select Prospect account.
  2. Enter the Postal name and contact details for the potential customer.
  3. Enter the rest of the pro forma in the same way as you would normally.

  4. If you later convert the pro forma to a sales order, you can create a new customer account using the same details.