Enter the delivery and invoicing details (pro forma)

Open: Sales Order Processing > Pro Forma Invoices > Enter New Pro Forma | Delivery & Invoicing.

  1. Enter the delivery and invoice address for the customer.
    • To use the same address as the customer's address on the Pro forma details tab, select Use pro forma & invoice address.
    • To use a different delivery address, clear Use pro forma & invoice address.

      • For existing customer accounts, click Change and select the required delivery address from the list.
      • For prospect customers, enter the required Delivery address details.
  2. Enter the VAT details if required. VAT details are only available for customer accounts, and not prospect accounts.

    • The VAT details default to the Trading Details entered on the customer account Trading details tab. You can only change these if you do not choose to Use pro forma & invoice address.
    • Triangulated: Select this if the sales order represents a triangulated transaction. This makes sure that the transaction is marked with the correct indicator on the EC Sales list.

  3. Enter the following details:

    Early settlement discount

    Amend this, if required.

    The Settlement discount is taken from the customer account Credit terms tab in the Sales Ledger.

    Order discount / surcharge

    Enter or amend this, if required.

    The order discount (invoice discount) is taken from the customer account Documents tab.

    When the pro forma is confirmed, the price book is checked for any customer order discounts. If the price book discount is more than the invoice discount, you can choose which one to apply.

    Order taken by

    Specify who has taken the order (the person responsible for the pro forma).

    This will automatically be filled in with your user name, if you have chosen to Use the user's logon name as the document taker in the SOP settings Invoice and Order Entry tab.

    Order priority

    Enter the order priority code (from A to Z).

    A has the highest priority and Z the lowest.

    This is taken from the customer account Trading details tab in the Sales Ledger and can be changed here.

    Analysis codes

    Enter the analysis codes required.

    Select the required Values from the drop-down lists.

    Note: To change the analysis codes, you must have selected to Allow amendment of - Analysis codes in the Invoice and Order Entry tab of SOP Settings.

    To add a new value to this analysis code, click New value.

    Note: To add a new value to analysis code, you must have selected Add New on Entry when setting up analysis codes in Accounting System Manager.