Enter the pro forma details

The details entered on the Pro forma details tab make up the pro forma header information.

To enter the pro forma details

Open: Sales Order Processing > Pro Forma Invoices > Enter New Pro Forma | Pro forma details.

  1. Select the customer account.

    • If the pro forma is for a customer account, choose the customer.
    • If the pro forma is for a new customer, you can click New to create their account now.
    • If the pro forma is for a potential customer, and you don't want to create an account for them just yet, select Prospect account.

      Enter the Postal name and address details for the prospect customer.

      Note: To use this, you must have already set up a prospect account in the SOP settings Default Accounts tab.

    Note: If alerts have been set up for this customer account and document type, they'll be displayed as soon as you select the account. To view the alert messages again, click the alert icon.

  2. Enter the order details:

    By default supply from

    If you are using multiple locations, select the default warehouse.

    Note: You can specify a default warehouse for each Sage 200 user in the user permissions.

    Any goods added will be allocated from this warehouse where possible, when the pro forma is converted to a sales order. You can change this for individual item lines.

    To select a warehouse for each item line, leave this blank.

    Document date

    Amend the order date, if necessary.

    Note: The order date must be earlier than the delivery dates. The delivery dates must be in the future.

    Date requested

    Enter the requested delivery date or leave it blank.

    Date promised

    Enter a promised delivery date or leave it blank. The promised date is required if you want to Generate purchase orders in Purchase Order Processing.

    Show values

    Show quantities

    Select how you want to display the order information; by values or by quantities.

    Exchange rate

    If the pro forma is for a foreign currency customer, accept or amend the exchange rate.

    Note: To change the exchange rate here, the exchange rate must be set to Amendable in Accounting System Manager.

  3. To add goods, services and costs, click Add Items. You can: