Convert pro forma invoices to sales orders

To create a sales order from a pro forma invoice

Open: Sales Order Processing > Pro Forma Invoices > Convert Pro Forma to Sales Order.

  1. Use the Selection criteria to display the pro forma invoice(s) that you want to convert.
  2. Select the pro forma invoice(s) from the list and click Convert Pro Forma.
  3. To continue, click OK when prompted to do so, or click No to cancel.
  4. If you are using multiple locations, specify the warehouse you want the order despatched from.
  5. The system performs a number of checks and displays a Conversion Summary report. Check the Conversion Summary report which you can print.
  6. To create the sales order, click Continue.
  7. Confirm the order.

    • If the customer is a prospect, you can click New to create a new account, or select an account that you've already created.
    • If the pro forma invoice is for a foreign currency customer then you must confirm the exchange rate to be used for the order. The order uses the exchange rate on the customer account, by default. Changing the exchange rate does not change the prices on the order.