Create invoice and order items

Find this screen

Open: Sales Order Processing > SOP Maintenance > Sales Order Items.

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing Maintenance > Invoice Items.

How to

Create an item

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter a code, name and defaults for the item. All values can be changed on individual order and invoices, when required.

    • Item requires despatch - sales orders only. Once selected you need to go through the despatch process for the item before you raise an invoice for the order.
    • Notional cost - this is used to calculate the profit.
    • Price - this must be in your base currency.

Change or delete an item

You can change any of the details of the SOP item except the Code. Any changes you've made will be applied the next time the SOP item is added to an order or invoice.

You can't delete a sales order item if it has been used in any current orders or invoices. You can only delete a SOP item if all orders that contain the item have been archived.

Useful info

About invoice and order items

You can use these for items that you regularly add to sales orders and invoices but don't want to keep a record of the stock level or value. You can't add these items to purchase orders.

This is useful if you often use the same free text on an order.

About despatching these items - sales orders only

You can only create and print invoices from your sales orders, once goods are despatched. As sales orders items are not stock items, they don't need to be despatched. This means these lines can be included on invoices straight away. This can result in these items being included on invoices before they have been supplied.

  • If you want to record the despatch of lines containing sales order items at the same time as despatching stock items, select Item requires despatch when creating the item.

Note: You can only set this when you are creating and invoice and order item. Once the record is saved this can't be changed. If you need to change this setting, then deleted the item and recreate it. You can only do this when all outstanding invoices and orders for this item have been posted (Completed).


Can't change Item requires despatch

You can only set this when you creating the item. If you need to change this setting, delete the item and recreate it.