Additional charges - invoices and sales orders

Find this screen

Open: Sales Order Processing > SOP Maintenance > Additional Charges.

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing Maintenance > Additional Charges.

How to

Create an additional charge record

  1. Click Add or select a charge and click Edit.

  2. Enter a Code, Name and defaults for the charge:

    Codes and names can contain numbers and letters. Each record must have its own unique code that is not already used for another additional charge. The code is limited to 20 characters.

    If amending a charge, you can't amend the code.

    VAT rate


    Charge value


    Enter the amount of the charge in base currency

    Notional cost


    Used to calculate the invoice or order profit.



    The values of your charge lines is posted to this account by default.

Change an additional charge

You can change any of the details of the charge except the Code. Any changes you've made will be applied the next time the charge is added to an order or invoice.

You can delete a charge at any time.

Useful Info

About additional charges

You can add charges to your invoices and sales orders, for things such as carriage and insurance. You can either add these per invoice or order or set up records for those charges you use regularly.

Creating records for regular charges helps speeds the process of creating invoices and a orders, and makes sure charges are applied consistently.

You cannot discount additional charges.

Adding charges to sales orders

When you add a line to a sales order:

  1. Select the Additional charge radial button at the top of the details screen.
  2. Choose the additional charge record you've created here, and change any of the default values if required.
  3. To enter a one off charge, enter a description in the Description and complete the rest of the details.

Adding charges to invoices

To add a charge to an invoice:

  1. Select Additional charge as the line type.
  2. Select the charge from the Code column.
  3. Edit the line to change any of the defaults.
  4. To add a one-off charge:
    1. Enter the details in the grid. Add a name or description in the Description column, and complete the rest of the details.
    2. To add cost, Edit the line.