Set up customer delivery addresses

Find this screen

Open: Sales Order Processing > SOP Maintenance > Customer Delivery Addresses.

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing Maintenance > Customer Delivery Addresses.

How to

Create customer delivery addresses

  1. Select the customer.
  2. Click Add or select a delivery address and click Edit.

  3. Enter the address details.

Change a delivery address

The new address will be only used for new invoices and sales orders that you enter after you have changed the address. The new address is not applied to existing orders and invoices.

To change the delivery address on existing orders and invoices, you must amend the order or invoice.

Set default delivery address

If you have several delivery addresses for the same customer but generally use the same one, you can set this as the default. This default address is applied each time an order is entered for the customer but can be changed.

  1. Select the customer delivery address.
  2. Click Set as Default.

Delete a delivery address

You can delete a delivery address at any time, even if it is the default delivery address for a customer.

If you delete the default address, you'll see a warning and the default delivery address will be set to the invoice address.

Changing the VAT details

The VAT details are taken from the customer's account by default.

You'll only need to change these if the delivery address is in a different country from the customer account.

Useful info

About delivery addresses

When entering invoices and orders, you can add two addressees, a delivery address and a invoice address.

For one off addresses, then you can enter the address as you enter the order or invoice.

If you have delivery addresses you use regularly, you can create delivery address records linked to your customer accounts. There's no limit to the number of delivery addresses you can have.

Are delivery addresses printed?

By default, delivery address are only printed on despatch notes and are not printed on invoices.

If you're creating invoices from the Invoicing module, you can keep a record of a delivery address but this won't print on the invoice.