Set up stage 1: The Configuration Assistant

The first time you start Sage 200 or create a new company, the Configuration Assistant is displayed to guide you through the initial setup.

To complete the assistant, you need to choose your settings in each of the panels and mark them as complete.

Watch a video

Configuration assistant (video)

Information you need before you start

Before you start, you'll need to gather some information to help you set things up.

The topic below will guide you through what information you need to collect, and what decisions you will need to make.

Don't worry if you do not have all the information to hand right now. You can always change things after closing the Configuration Assistant.

Enter your settings

To enter your settings:

  1. Click Start to enter the settings for a panel.
  2. Choose the required options for that panel.

    Some panels will have default settings, which we have set for you to get you started. These panels will give you a summary of the default settings.

    You can save and use these defaults, or you can choose your own by clicking Change Settings.

    Note: For details on default settings, see Default settings you can accept or change.

  3. After choosing your settings on a panel:
    • If you haven't yet finished, click Save to keep your settings.

      You can return to this panel by clicking Continue.

    • If you've finished this panel, click Save and Mark as Complete.

      A green tick will show that you've completed this panel. You can still come back and change settings in this panel by clicking Edit.

    • If you want leave without saving, click Close.

  4. Once all the panels are marked as complete, you can close the Configuration Assistant and start using Sage 200.


  • You can change the settings on any panel, even panels marked as complete.
  • You can close the Configuration Assistant at any time, and continue where you left off the next time you start Sage 200. Just remember to click Save or Save and Mark as Complete to save the information.
  • Complete the panels in any order, but you will need to complete theNominal Accounts panel before you open Default Nominal Accounts for P & L and Balance Sheet.
  • If you don't need to enter information on a particular panel because it's not relevant to your business, or you're happy with the defaults, click Save and Mark as Complete.

Default settings you can accept or change

Completing the Configuration Assistant

When you have marked all the panels as complete, you are ready to close the Configuration Assistant and start using Sage 200.

Remember, you can't change your financial year after you finish the configuration assistant.

We recommend that you have one last check to make sure that you are happy with your settings, then:

  1. To complete the assistant, click Close Configuration Assistant and start using Sage 200 at the top of the page.

  2. You will then see the Sage 200 home page.

  3. You can now:

Making changes once you have left the Configuration Assistant

Once you have completed all the panels on the Configuration Assistant and moved into the main Sage 200 workspace you cannot go back into the Configuration Assistant.

Having said that, you can update most of the information you specified with Sage 200.

What you can't change

Some of the details you provide on the Configuration Assistant cannot be updated once you start processing so it is important you capture these correctly.

Panel Field Rule
Company Details

Financial Year:

  • Start month
  • Start year

You can only amend this month and year on the Configuration Assistant. Once you save the details of your financial year and close the Configuration Assistant you will not be able to update this information.

Remember that you cannot post transactions before the specified financial year start date.

Invoices and Sales Orders

Prices include VAT

(Yes or No)

You can amend this setting up until a sales order, quote or pro forma is saved.
Currencies & Exchange Rates Base Currency You can amend this setting up until a transaction is posted.

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