Managing your bank accounts

Whenever you record a transaction such as a purchase, a sale or a bank transfer; set up and run regular standing orders or direct debits; or reconcile your bank statement you are working with the Cash Book.

Your Sage 200cloud Cash Book holds the details of your bank accounts, credit cards and the nominal accounts into which transactions are posted; standing order and direct debit payment records. It also provides you with the tools that enable you to post and enquire on transactions.

Setting up your Cash Book

To set up your Cash Book you create bank accounts and their related nominal accounts. The number of bank and nominal accounts you create will depend on the number of bank accounts you use in your business. It could be that you don't need to create any!

Moving money into and out of your bank accounts

The day-to-day tasks you perform on your bank accounts revolve around moving money into and out of your accounts, enquiring on posted transactions, and reconciling your bank statements.

To move money you can:

  • Enter customer receipts and refunds.
  • Enter supplier payments and refunds.
  • Enter cash receipts and payments.
  • Set up standing order and direct debit payment records and process those regular payments.
  • Transfer money between your own bank accounts.

As you work with your bank accounts you may need to:

  • Amend the details of bank accounts.
  • Process standing order and direct debit payments.
  • Reconcile your bank accounts.