Back-to-back sales orders

You can create purchase orders directly from your sales orders if required. You can allocate stock automatically, when it is received, to the Sales Order line ready for despatch.

Note: Purchase orders that are generated to satisfy back to back or direct sales orders do not have project analysis entered. This is to prevent the postings for the cost of the stock being made twice (once from the sales order and once from the purchase order).

To create purchase orders from sales orders, you must have chosen the From Supplier Via Stock option for stock item fulfilment for each stock item.

You have two options for creating the purchase orders:

  • Create a separate purchase order per supplier for each sales order.

    Select the Save and Generate PO option on your sales order.

  • Create one purchase order per supplier for all sales orders.

    Use the Generate Purchase Orders option in your Purchase Order Processing module.

In both cases you can see details of the linked sales order on the relevant purchase order.

Note: Save and Generate PO uses the Generate Purchase Orders option.