Convert quotations to pro formas

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Spring 2018 version onwards.

Create a pro forma from a quotation

Open: Sales Order Processing > Quotations > Convert Quotation to Pro Forma.

  1. Use the selection criteria to display the quotations that you want to convert.

    If you are using Project Accounting, you can also use the Project Code list to find any quotations.

    Alternatively, click Show All Quotations.

  2. Select the quotation(s) that you want to convert, and click Convert Quotation.
  3. Confirm that you want to convert the quotation(s).
  4. Confirm the pro forma details. You can amend the Customer Order no.

  5. The pro forma is created, and its number is displayed.

  6. You can now view or amend the pro forma.

Report on converted quotations

Converted Quotations

Open: Sales Order Processing > Reports > Status > Converted Quotations.

The Converted Quotations report lists which quotes have been converted to sales orders. This can be either direct from a quote, or when converted to a pro forma and then a sales order.

The report shows the Sales Order and Pro Forma Invoice numbers.

Quotations with Outstanding Pro Formas

Open: Sales Order Processing > Reports > Status > Quotations with Outstanding Pro Formas.

This report shows you quotes that have been converted to pro formas, but the pro formas are still live and have not yet been completed. This is useful to find pro formas that require payment, or can be deleted.