Bank details (purchase account)

Enter the bank account details for your supplier here.

If you use the Sage e-Banking service to make electronic bank payments to the supplier you must enter the supplier's bank details.

If required you can record additional bank reference numbers here.

Note: The Bank tab will only be available if your user account has access to this feature. See Control access to supplier bank details.

Enter your supplier's bank details

Open: Purchase Ledger > Purchase Accounts > Enter new account | Bank.

Open: Purchase Ledger > Purchase Accounts > Amend Account Details.

    • Select existing purchase account reference.
    • Select Bank tab.
  1. Enter your supplier's Bank details.

    You must enter the bank details if you are using the Sage e-Banking service to pay your suppliers electronically.

    The Bank payment reference is used when you pay your suppliers using the Sage e-Banking service.

  2. Enter Additional bank details, if required. Most of these are for information purposes but if you are using e-Banking to make bank transfers, you must enter the IBAN and BIC/Swift code.


    The IBAN is the International Bank Account Number. It represents your supplier's bank account number and sort code in an internationally recognised format.

    You can find more information about this on the UK Payments Administration website.

    Note: Note: If your business deals with bank transfers as part of the SEPA payment initiative between European countries, you must enter a number here. This number is used by the e-Banking component.


    The BIC is the Bank Identification Code number. It is a universal method of identifying financial institutions.

    You can find more information about this on the UK Payments Administration website.

    Note: Note: The BIC/Swift number is also used by the e-Banking component when dealing with bank transfers as part of the SEPA initiative. You must enter a valid code here too.

    Roll number

    Use this is for your supplier's Building Society roll number.

    BACS reference

    Use this for your supplier's BACS reference.

    Additional reference

    Use this to store any additional reference numbers.

    Non UK sort code

    Use this to store a sort code for a foreign bank account.

    Country clearing code

    For countries which use BIC but do not use IBAN, an additional clearing code will be required. This field will only be displayed if you enter a BIC number with the appropriate country code.

Audit log

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Winter 2018 version onwards.

You can use the audit log to check any changes that have been made to the Bank details of a supplier account.

  • The Parent Ref and Name show the supplier account code and name.
  • For any changes to bank details, the event Action will show Amend, and the Old value and New value are recorded. This includes:

    • Sort code, Account number, Account name, Bank payment reference.
    • IBAN, BICS / Swift Number, Roll Number, BACS Reference, Additional Reference, NON UK Sort Code, and country specific clearing code (if appropriate).
  • If any details are deleted, the event Action will show Amend, and details are recorded in the Old Value.

Open: Accounting System Manager > Audit Log > View Audit Log.

See Audit log.

Control access to supplier bank details

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Spring 2019 version onwards.

You can control who can view and amend supplier bank details by setting access to the feature Bank Details. This feature allows you to show or hide the Bank tab for all supplier accounts.

Open: System Administration > Roles.

  1. Right-click the Role Name and choose Features.
  2. Enable or disable the feature Purchase Ledger > Advanced > Bank Details.

  • By default, this feature is not enabled for all users. You will need to enable this feature for any users that require access to add or amend supplier bank details.
  • If you update Sage 200, your existing roles will not have access to this feature by default.

Supplier bank details email notifications

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Summer 2019 version onwards.

To use this feature, you'll need to use Microsoft Power Automate with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

You can send email notifications for changes to supplier bank details by using the supplier bank details flow.

The supplier bank details flow automatically sends emails to people to notify them of any changes to the bank details for supplier accounts. The emails are sent to everyone that has user access to the Audit Log, so that they can check the changes in the log.

This flow will run at 15 minute intervals each day, but you can configure the flow to change this frequency and timing.

Note: If you use multiple companies, the flow must be set up for each company.

Set up email notifications

  • To receive notifications, you must set up the supplier bank details flow for email notifications.

    To set up the flow for email notifications, see Set up Microsoft Power Automate with Sage 200

  • Once you've set up the flow, enable notifications for each user:

    Open: System Administration.

    1. Select Users.
    2. For each user, double click the user's System name name, or right-click the user and choose Properties.
    3. Enable Receive Notifications by Email.
    4. Move to the Details tab, then enter the user's Email address to receive notifications.