View invoices and credit notes

Find this screen

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing List > View

How to

Choose what to view

You must view invoices and credit notes separately. You can view invoices / credit notes from SOP and Invoicing here.

  1. Highlight the required invoices or credit notes from the Invoicing List and click View.

  2. If you've selected multiple invoices / credit notes, use to go the next invoice / credit note.

Check nominal accounts and VAT rates

The details of each line on the invoice / credit note are shown in the grid. The quantities and prices are always shown. The grid has two views:

  • Main - shows the discount and VAT rate for each line.
  • Nominal and Units - shows the nominal accounts for each line.

The Analysis tab shows the total values per nominal account and per VAT rate.

Check linked orders / returns - sales orders only

For invoice / credit notes that have originated from SOP, you can view the details of the order for each line.

Just select the appropriate line and click View Order or View Return.

If you're using consolidated billing, the each item line on an invoice, will have an additional order number column.

Check analysis codes

To check analysis codes added per line - select a line and click View Line Analysis.

For analysis codes added to the whole invoice / credit note:

  • For invoice / credit notes created from sales orders- you check these from the original order. Just click View order.
  • For other invoices / credit notes - select the Delivery and Invoicing tab.

Check payment details

  • For invoices created from sales orders - check payments from the original order. Just click View order.
  • For other invoices - select the Payment tab.

Change the invoice / credit address

You can check the address on the Delivery and Invoicing tab. The address is taken from the customer's account.

  • If the invoice / credit note hasn't been printed, change the address on the customer's account.
  • If the invoice / credit note has been printed, you can do this by reprinting it. Select Reprint and choose to Amend details.

Check the invoice profit

  • To see the profit per line, edit the line and click the View Line Profit button.
  • To see the profit for entire invoice, click the Invoice Profit button an any tab.

View invoice or credit note from cloud document storage

If the invoice or credit note has been printed (or emailed) and saved to your cloud document storage, you can view it in PDF format.

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing List, then select a single invoice or credit note and click View in Document Storage.

See Save printed documents to cloud document storage.

Useful Info

About consolidated billing

This combines all sales orders for the same customer on a single invoice.

To use this, you must have selected Use consolidated billing on each customer account you want this to apply to. Once selected, all sales orders that you choose to print for this customer are added to the same invoice.

When you view the invoice, you can see which order each line originated from.

About invoice profit

The profit that you make on your invoices can only be viewed here or from the profitability reports.

It's calculated on a line by line basis and so doesn't include invoice or invoice value discounts.


Can't see the reprint button?

This isn't shown for invoices / credit notes that haven't been printed yet. These have a status of Draft.

Can't see the Payment tab?

This is only shown for invoices / credit notes created from the Invoicing module. Payments entered with sales orders can be checked from the original order.

Can't see the Profit buttons?

You must have the correct permissions to change see the profit made on an invoice. You set this on the Invoice and order user permissions.