How to process card payments using Opayo (Sage Pay)

Opayo is the new name for Sage Pay. If you're using Sage 200 Professional versions up to 2020 R1, where you see references to "Sage Pay" in the app, these are referring to the Opayo payment service.

Card payments can be entered directly into the Sale Ledger or as a payments with order. If you need to refund a customer, you can also do this from Sage 200.

Enter card payments directly into Sage 200

Refund card payments

If you need to refund a customer when they've paid by card, you can so this from Sage 200.

You can make partial refunds up to the value of the original receipt. Refunds can be made even if the sales receipt was partially or fully allocated.

If the card payment was taken with a sales order and the order has been printed and posted, you can refund it from here.

If the sales order has not been completed, use Amend order or Cancel order to change the status and process the refund.

Resolve orphaned card transactions

An orphaned card transaction is a transaction that is incomplete due to a loss of connection between Sage 200 Accounts and the online payment provider's website.

If your system crashes while a receipt is returning from your online payment service provider, then an orphaned card transaction will be created in Sage 200 Accounts. In this case you will need to complete orphaned card transactions.

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