Reporting on purchase orders

You can reports on your purchase orders in different ways:

  • Printed reports - good from sending to others and keeping for your records.
  • Workspaces - real time information about your orders. Quickly find information about your orders either via the desktop app or the Self Service web app (if you're a web user).
  • Excel reports - use all the functions of Excel to manipulate your data
  • Enquiries - view individual purchase orders.

View orders

Check the status of your orders

Use the following to find out what's been ordered, received, invoiced etc.

What goods have been received and what's pending

What needs ordering

Use these reports if you're using the generate orders option to automatically generate purchase orders when you have low stock.

Invoices and credit notes


Orders and returns per supplier

Authorising purchase orders

Purchase requisitions


These reports are only available if you subscribe to Excel reporting.

You can track your committed expenditure against your actual spend and your budget, using Excel reports. Your committed expenditure is calculated from the value of purchase orders that have been raised but yet invoiced.

Run these Excel reports from Excel Reporting > Excel Reports.