Unable to access feature error message

You can't access this feature because other users are accessing these features. Before you can access this feature, the following users will need to close these features.

Unable to access the xxx module feature 'xxx' because you're already accessing the xxx module feature 'xxx'.

Why does this happen?

You'll usually see the above message if:

  • You're trying to open a feature, but a related feature is already open by you or someone else.

    Some features rely on information from other features such as settings, and in these cases you can't open both features at the same time.

  • This feature was open when you or another user were unexpectedly disconnected from Sage 200.

    There may be occasions when you are disconnected from the system. For example, this may happen if you lose internet access, or if your PC shuts down unexpectedly. In such cases, Sage 200 may record this as a 'disconnected' login. When this happens, other users may be unable to open some features.

What do I do next?

  1. Make sure you, or the other users, close the related features.

  2. Check and clear any disconnected logins. To do this:

    Open: Tools > User login status.

    1. Select the Disconnected logins tab.
    2. Select the required users.

      Tip: Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple users at the same time.

    3. Click Log Off.