Create a back-to-back sales order

How to create a back-to-back sales order The generation of purchase orders to satisfy sales orders when using the From Supplier via Stock fulfilment method.:

Open: Sales Order Processing > Sales Orders > Enter New Order - Full.

  1. Enter the order details, on the Order Details tab.
  2. Click Add items.
  3. Add the items to the order.
  4. Make sure the Fulfilment Method is set to From Supplier Via Stock or Direct To Customer.

    You can change this here if you have Override Fulfilment Method set in the User Permissions.

    Otherwise, change the Fulfilment Method in the Stock module.

  5. Click Save to confirm each item.

    If an item is in stock at the selected warehouse, the Fulfil Order from Free Stock window appears.

  6. Click Yes or No as appropriate.

    • To issue this stock from the warehouse, click Yes.
    • To only issue the stock when the goods from the purchase order are received, click No.
    • If you only have enough stock to fulfil part of the order line, click Yes to fulfil part of the order from the existing stock. This creates a second line on the sales order for the remaining items. A purchase order is also generated for the remaining items.
  7. Complete the rest of the sales order.
  8. When you save the order, you can optionally generate a purchase order.

    • Save.

      This saves the sales order but does not generate a purchase order. The purchase order is generated using the Generate Purchase orders option in the Purchase Order Processing module. Any items on this sales order are added to other items for each supplier on a single purchase order.

    • Save and Generate PO.

      This saves the sales order and generates a separate purchase order for each supplier from this sales order only.

      If you add items to the sales order, use the Save and Generate PO option on the Amend Order window, to create additional purchase orders for the new items.

      Note: You must have Generate purchase orders from sales orders set in the SOP user permissions.