Customer alerts

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Summer 2018 version onwards.

Find this screen

Open: Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts > Enter New Account | Alerts

Open: Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts > Amend Account Details | Alerts

How to

Add an alert

Open: Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts > Amend Account Details.

  1. Select the customer account.
  2. Move to the Alerts tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter the message to display for this alert.
  5. Select when the alert should be displayed:

    Tip: To display the alert in all forms, click Select All.

    • Enter/Amend invoice (Invoicing): Entering or amending invoices using the Invoicing module.
    • Enter/Amend credit note (Invoicing): Entering or amending credit notes using the Invoicing module.
    • Enter/Amend sales order: Entering or amending all sales orders (full orders, rapid orders, and trade orders), and repeat order templates.
    • Enter/Amend return: Entering or amending sales returns.
    • Enter/Amend quotations: Entering or amending quotations.
    • Enter/Amend pro formas: Entering or amending pro forma invoices.
    • Customer price enquiry: Viewing the Customer Price Enquiry, for Invoicing or Sales Orders.
    • Enter/Amend bill (Project Accounting): Entering or amending a bill in Project Accounting.
  6. Click Save.

    The alert will be active immediately.

Stop displaying an alert

When you add a new alert, it will be set as active by default.

  • To temporarily stop showing an alert, either:
    • Select the alert from the list, then click Set as Inactive.
    • Edit the alert, and disable Make this alert active
  • You can see which alerts are active by checking the Active column in the alerts list.

Change when to show alerts

You can choose to display the alert for particular activities, for example when entering an invoice or sales order.

To change when an alert is displayed, edit the alert and choose the options in Forms Displayed In.

Tip: To quickly select or clear everything, use Select All or Clear all.

View customers with alerts

You can check which customers have alerts by using the Customer Account Enquiry workspace.

Open: Workspaces > Sales Ledger > Customer Account Enquiry.

  1. Add the alerts column to the workspace.

    • Right-click the heading of any column, and select Add Column to the Left/Right > Active Alerts.
  2. If a customer has any alerts, the Active Alerts column will show Yes.

Useful info

About customer alerts

You can set up alerts on a customer account, to show messages whenever you deal with that customer. For example, if a customer has specific requirements, you can set up a reminder message that will be displayed whenever you enter an order for that customer.

Alerts are displayed when you select the customer account, and you can choose when to show the alert. For example, you can show alerts when entering invoices or credit notes, sales orders and returns, quotations and pro forma invoices, and for customer price enquiries.

Alerts are specific to an individual customer, and you can set up multiple alerts for each customer.

Viewing alerts

Alerts are displayed as soon as you select that customer account, or open a document for that customer, for example when entering an invoice or sales order.

To view the alert messages again, click the alert icon.