Create warehouse

To create a warehouse

Open: Stock Control > Stock Maintenance > Locations.

  1. Click Add.

    The Add New Warehouse window is displayed.

  2. Enter a unique Warehouse name.

    Note: You cannot use names such as Returns and Home, as these are used as defaults by Sage 200.

  3. Enter a description of the warehouse (optional).
  4. Set the intended use for the warehouse.
    1. Use for sales trading

      Select this if you want to sell stock items from the warehouse using the Sales Order Processing module.

      Clear this option if you do not sell stock from this location. For example, if this location was a warehouse where you stored stock before moving it to your shops.

  5. Enter the Postal name, Address, Contact, Telephone, Fax, E-mail and Web site address. This is optional.
  6. Select the VAT Country code for the warehouse.

    Note: This is used for Intrastat declarations if you are shipping from a warehouse in a different country to a third country.

  7. Click OK to close this window and return to the Maintain Warehouses window.