Authorise features for roles

To authorise features for roles

Open: System Administration > Roles.

  1. Right-click the Role Name and choose Features.
  2. Choose another role from the Authorise For drop-down list, if required.
  3. Reduce the number of features shown by entering key words in the Feature Name box and clicking Filter.
  4. Choose your preferred view.
    • Select Tree View to see system feature in tree view groups.
      • Expand feature groups by clicking the (plus) symbol alongside the name.
      • Contract feature groups by clicking the (minus) symbol alongside the name.
    • Select Flat View to see all features in a flat view list.
  5. Select the features you want to authorise for the role.

    If a feature or feature group is selected there is a tick in the box alongside the feature or feature group.

    • Features that are authorised for a role are marked with a tick . Click the box to select or clear the feature.

    • If you select or clear a feature group box, all features within it are automatically selected or cleared. If you select or clear all features within a feature group the feature group box is automatically selected or cleared also.
    • If you select or clear System Administration, to add or remove administration features for a role, enter your password to confirm that you have the authority to do this, and click OK.
  6. Click OK to confirm the features.