Enter or amend credit notes

Find this screen

Open: Invoicing > Credit Notes > Enter New Credit Note

Open: Invoicing > Credit Notes > Amend New Credit Note

How to

Enter credit notes

Open: Invoicing > Credit Notes > Enter New Credit Note

  • The customer information is entered at the top of the screen.
  • Credit note lines are added on the grid.
  • Choose the type of line and then enter remaining information.

    • Stock Item - shows a list of your stock and invoice items. If you're not using stock this will show your invoices only.
    • Free text - use this to add one-off lines with a value.

      Tip: If you wan to use tree text lines, make sure you turn this on in the Invoicing Settings.

    • Charge - use this to add charges for things as carriage and insurance.
    • Comment - use to add any text you want to show on a credit note.
  • Edit a line to change any default fields that are not displayed on the grid, such as the nominal code or selling unit.
  • Credit note numbers are assigned when the credit note is saved.

Amend credit notes

Open: Invoicing > Credit Notes > Amend New Credit Note

  • You can only make changes to a credit note if it hasn't been printed. These have a status of Draft.

  • You can change any details (as long as you have the correct permissions), apart from the customer and credit note number.
  • If you try to amend a printed credit note, you'll see the View credit note screen.
  • If you need to change a printed credit note, you must cancel it and recreate it with a new credit note number.
  • To check a credit note before printing, use the Print Preview option.

Change the date of a credit note

If the credit note hasn't been printed, just amend the credit note and change the date.

If the credit note has been printed, you'll need to cancel it and recreate it with a new credit note number.

Search for items

Start typing the code of the item into the stock code column. The drop-down list is filtered as you type.

Change prices and discounts

Once you've added the item, select the line and click Edit. You can only change prices and discounts if you have the correct permission.

Add carriage and other charges

  • Choose Charge as the Line Type.
  • For an one-off charge, enter the details on the grid. You'll need to edit the line to add the nominal code.
  • For regular charges, select the code. Edit the line to change the description, nominal account, VAT etc.

Change analysis codes

Analysis codes are additional custom fields that can be applied to the whole credit note or to individual item lines.

Use the codes to use to identify and group your credit notes. For example, you might use these to group by geographical region, salesperson, or promotion.

  • For the whole credit note, choose the analysis codes on the Analysis Codes tab.

    Note - information

    Analysis codes are displayed on the Analysis Codes tab for Sage 200 Professional versions from 2023 R1 onwards, but are displayed on the Return & Credit tab for Sage 200 Professional versions up to 2022 R2.

  • For each item line, edit the item and select Analysis Codes.

If you don't want to set an analysis code, leave the Value blank.

Note: You can only change an analysis code if Allow amendment of - Analysis codes has be selected for the header (Order Header Entry) or line (Order Line Entry) in the Invoicing Settings.

Cancel a credit note

You can cancel a credit note as long as it hasn't been posted. The whole credit note is cancelled and the credit note is given a Cancelled status.

If you've made an error, you'll need to re-enter the credit note, which will have a new credit note number.

Open: Invoicing > Processing > Cancel Invoices and Credit Notes

View customer alerts

If alerts have been set up for this customer account, they'll be displayed before you continue.

To view the alert messages again, click the alert icon.

See Customer alerts.

Useful info

About credit note numbers

The credit note number is assigned when the credit note is saved. If you've want to assign your own numbers, you enter this number when the credit note is saved.

Credit note numbers are used by both Invoicing and Sales Orders, so your credit note numbers are assigned to each one in return. For example, you create credit note for a return so this has number 1, and then you save a credit note from Invoicing which will be number 2.

All your credit notes, both from Invoicing and Sales Orders can be seen on the Invoicing List.

What if I cancel a credit note?

If you cancel a credit note either before or after it's printed, then that credit note number is marked as cancelled. You can see these credit notes on the credit note list with a status of Cancelled.


Using stock? Can't find a stock item

  • You can't use traceable stock items with the Invoicing module. If your stock items use batch or serial numbers, they won't appear in the drop-down list.
  • Check whether warehouse has been set on the By default supply from box. This filters the list of stock items displayed. If the item isn't stored in the warehouse, it won't be shown on the list.

Can't add free text lines?

If you can't see the free text option, then you'll need to set this in the Invoice and Order permissions.

Can't change the price or discount?

You must have the correct permissions to change the price or discounts of any stock items.

Can't change the nominal codes?

Nominal codes can only be changed if this has been set in the Invoicing Settings.

Need to enter an VAT only credit note?

This is done using the VAT only Credit Note screen.

Open: Invoicing > Processing > Enter VAT Only Credit Note

Can't choose Save and print?

You can't print an invoice if the customer's account balance has exceeded their credit limit, as the invoice is automatically put on hold.

You need to change the status on the invoice before it can be printed. If you have the correct permissions, you can override this when the invoice is entered.

What happens when I

Save the credit note

  • The credit note is assigned a credit note number.
  • The credit note status is set to Saved.

Save and print the credit note

  • The credit note is assigned a credit note number.
  • The credit note status is set to Printed.
  • You won't be able to amend the credit note.
  • The credit note is printed using the layout set on the customer's account.