Delete invoices and credit notes (from Invoicing)

This only applies to invoices and credit notes entered via Invoicing.

To archive and remove sales orders, see Archive sales and purchase orders and returns.

Find this screen

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing Utilities > File Maintenance > Delete Invoices and Credit Notes.

How to

Delete cancelled and completed invoices and credit notes

Note - warning

This is not reversible and the data is permanently removed. We recommend that you make sure that you a back up of your data before deleting data.

This only applies to invoices and credit notes entered via Invoicing. This removes all invoices and credit notes with a status of Cancelled or Completed, dated up to and including the date specified.

We recommend that you print reports to keep for your records first.

  1. Choose the date to delete up to. All invoices and credit notes dated before and including this date are removed.
  2. Click OK.

Useful info

When to delete your invoices and credit notes

You can remove invoices and credit that you've finished with from Sage 200. Once invoices / credit notes have been updated and posted to the customer's account, and you no long need to print a physical copy, then you can consider whether to delete them. Deleting completed and cancelled invoices and credit notes helps you manage your data and reduces the items shown on the Invoicing list and included in reports. How often you do this depends on your organisation's requirements.

You can only delete invoices and credit notes with a status of Cancelled and Completed.

Can I still see the value of the invoice / credit note?

Yes. Once the invoice / credit note is posted to your customer's account, you can use the Customer Transaction Enquiry and other customer reports to see the invoice number and total value. You can't see the details of individual invoice lines from here.

The Stock History will also show which stock items have been sold and on which invoice.

Why print the Cancelled invoices report?

This is to make sure that you have a record of the invoice numbers that have been cancelled for your records. This helps you to account for any missing numbers in your invoice number sequence. As your cancelled invoice may never have been printed, you won't have any other record of the invoice number.

Open: Invoicing > Reports > Cancelled Invoices.

Why print other reports

Once the invoices and credit notes have been removed, they will no longer be included on any reports. If you need to keep a record of the details of the invoices and credit notes being deleted, then print the relevant reports first.

What happens when

Invoices and credit notes are deleted

  • Completed invoices and credit notes up to, and including, the date specified are permanently removed from your database.
  • They no longer appear on the Invoicing List.
  • They are not included on any reports.