Cancel invoices and credit notes

Find this screen

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing List, then select invoice(s) or credit note(s) and click Cancel.

How to

Choose what to cancel

You can cancel invoices and credit notes from both Sales Orders and Invoicing from here.

Tip: Don't forget only sales order that have been invoiced (printed) are shown in the Invoicing list. If you want to cancel a sales order, you'll need to use the options in Sales Orders section of the menu.

  1. Highlight the required invoices and credit notes from the Invoicing list and click Cancel.
  2. Highlight the ones that you want to cancel and click Cancel Document.

    You can use Ctrl+click key to highlight more than one invoice or credit note.

  3. If required, enter the reason the invoice has been cancelled.

Useful info

Cancelling invoices / credit notes from Invoicing

If the invoice / credit note has come from the Invoicing module,

  • This cancels the whole invoice or credit note. If you've made an error, you'll need to enter the invoice or credit note again. The invoice / credit note will have a new number.

Cancelling Invoices and credit notes from Sales Orders

If the invoice has come from a sales order:

  • Any invoiced lines on the order revert back to Not invoiced, however the quantity despatched is not changed.
  • If you've cancelled the invoice because the quantity despatched has been reduced for any lines, then you'll need to amend the despatch before reprinting the invoice.
  • If the order also needs to be cancelled, you'll need to remove the despatched quantities and cancel the order via the Amend Order Status screen.

If the credit note has come from a return:

  • The credited lines revert to not credited.
  • You can amend both the return and goods received before reprinting.
  • If you cancelled a credit note because the quantity received was incorrect, you must amend the receipt before printing another credit note. The new credit note is given the next available credit note number.

Where can I see the reason an invoice was cancelled

  • The cancelled invoices report (Invoicing List > Reports > Cancelled Invoices Report) shows a list of cancelled invoices and/or credit notes with the reason that the invoice was cancelled.
  • Add the Reason cancelled column to the Invoicing List.

How to trace cancelled invoices

Every cancelled invoice and credit note has a status of Cancelled. This status is shown on the Invoicing List. You can sort or filter the list by the status to show your cancelled invoices and credit notes.

The cancelled invoices report also provides a list of all cancelled invoices and credit notes.

Fix it

An invoice or credit note isn't shown?

This is because it has been posted or cancelled already. You can't cancel posted invoices or credit notes.

If an invoice has been posted in error, you'll need to create a credit on the customer's account and allocate to the incorrect invoice, then create the invoice again.