Managing your contact information (GDPR)

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Spring 2018 version onwards.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European Union data protection law that will come into effect on the 25th May 2018. EU Regulations have direct effect in all EU Member States, meaning the GDPR will take precedence over any national laws.

It sets out businesses' responsibilities in relation to the personal data that they collect and hold, and also governs the processes businesses use for managing that personal data. Personal data can be defined as any data identifying or relating to an individual. Most businesses collect personal data from the minute they interact with an individual.

Get ready for GDPR

We've produced some guides and videos to help you get ready for the GDPR.

Know your GDPR

Find contact information in Sage 200

Individuals have a right to access their personal data and have it rectified or erased (the 'right to be forgotten') by a business. If an individual asks to check or remove their personal data, you can use the GDPR Contact Check report to help you find their details in Sage 200.

Open: Accounting System Manager > System Utilities > General Data Protection Regulation > GDPR Contact Check.

  1. Enter all or part of the person's name to search for in the three search boxes (Search 1 - Search 3).

    • You can search for the first, middle and last name.
    • Try searching for the surname first. If you get too many people in the results, search for the first and last name. Remember that there may be variations of a name in your data, e.g. "Thomas" and "Tom".

    • You can enter a partial word, e.g. "Dav" will find both "Dave" and "David".
  2. The report will show you where matching name details are stored in Sage 200.

Find old customer or supplier accounts

You can find customer and supplier accounts that you have not traded with for a long time, and use this to decide whether to delete their account. For example, you might check for all customers and suppliers that you haven't traded with in the last 7 years.

Open: Sales Ledger > Reports > Account Analysis > Customers With No Transactions From.

Open: Purchase Ledger > Reports > Account Analysis > Suppliers With No Transactions From.

  1. In the report criteria, set the date to check for transactions in No transactions from.
  2. The report shows:

    • All accounts that have no transactions since the specified date.
    • The active status, whether the account is active or hidden.
    • The last transaction date.
    • The account balance.