Create a new bank account

You can set up a bank account in Sage 200 for any type of account you pay money in and out of. These can be for cash and credit cards as well as standard bank accounts. Bank accounts can be in any currency and all balances are stored in that currency.

Each bank account has a corresponding Nominal ledger account.

Note: If you want to set up a bank account for use with the Supplier Payments service, see Set up Supplier Payments for Sage 200.

To enter a new bank account

Open: Cash Book > Cash Book Accounts > Enter New Account.

  1. Enter the bank account details on the relevant tabs:
    • Account number, sort code, name, currency, and nominal account, on the Account Details tab.
    • Contact details on the Contacts tab.
    • Statement balances on the Statement Balances tab.
    • Add reminder notes about dealings with the bank on the Memos tab.
    • Attach documents and files related to the bank account, using the Attachments tab.
    • Use the E-Banking tab if you want to use Sage bank feeds or e-Banking.
  2. Click Save to save the bank account.