Set up access to the Web Portal

How to

Set up new users

Create a new user in Sage Provisioning Portal.

  1. Open Sage Provisioning Portal and log in.
  2. Select Organisations > Users.
  3. Click Add User.
  4. The Organization is pre-filled automatically with the information provided when subscription was set up and you can't change this.

  5. Select the user's Role.

    • If you want to this user to have full Administrator access to all companies, select Customer Operations Agent.
    • If the user will just be accessing the Web Portal or Self Service web app, then the Customer user role will be sufficient.

The new user will initially be Inactive until they have registered with Sage ID, so you can't yet assign them to a site. The user will receive an email that invites them to register with Sage ID. Once the user has registered with Sage ID, their status will change to Active, and you can then assign them to a site.

Assign the user to a site

  1. Open Sage Provisioning Portal and log in.
  2. Click the site Name.
  3. Click Assign user.
  4. Select the User name.

    Note: You can only assign a user who has registered and is Active.

  5. If the user has more than one role, select the user's Role for the company access. For example, Customer Operations Agent or Customer User.

    Note: A Customer Administrator cannot be assigned to a company, or assign other users to companies.

  6. Click Save.

Assign access to a company

If the user's role in Sage Provisioning Portal is Customer User, then you need to assign the user to a company in the Sage 200cloud desktop app.

Open: Settings > Organisation and Financial > Company Management.

  • Highlight the required company and select the user from the list.

See Assign users to a company.

Open the Web Portal

  1. Open the Web Portal from a browser:

    You can also open the Web Portal from the Sage 200cloud desktop app, using Tools > Show Web Portal in Browser.

  2. Log in to the Web Portal using your Sage ID. These are same details you use for the Sage 200cloud desktop app.

  3. If you have access to more than one company, select the company to open.

Share the Web Portal link

Make a note of the Web Portal link and send it to your users. They can open this link from their device, and don't have to have the Sage 200cloud desktop app installed.

For example, your users could make a desktop shortcut or bookmark to the URL:

Fix it

Can't see a user in the list

  • To assign a user to a site in Sage Provisioning Portal, the user must first register and be Active.
  • To assign a user to a company, you must first assign the user to your site in Sage Provisioning Portal.

User can't log in?

If you've assigned a user to your site but they still can't log in, make sure you've assigned the user to the company.

Open: Settings > Organisation and Financial > Company Management.

See Assign users to a company.

User can't see some features in the menu?

Make sure you've selected the feature for the user in the User Access screen.

If you've just assigned access to a new feature, the user must log out and log back in again to see any changes.