Manage your sites in Sage Provisioning Portal

This topic is not applicable to Sage 200 Standard for Education.

Whether you try out Sage 200 Standard first, or sign up to buy it, you will register and activate a Sage account which provides your credentials and allows you access to our online products and services.

Note: You will already have a Sage account if you are using any of Sage's other online products or services.

Your Sage account identifies the following levels of access to our ordering management system for online products and services - Sage Provisioning Portal. If you have administrative access, you can perform initial setup and management of users and site backups. If you have basic access, you can download and install Sage 200 or view your site details.

Management of users and companies in Sage Provisioning Portal is complemented by management of users and companies in Sage 200, For example, you can see how many companies are in your subscription allowance within Sage Provisioning Portal but you create companies within Sage 200.

Tip: Within Sage Provisioning Portal, you can click the help button to get help on a particular screen.

Note: The Sage Provisioning Portal was formerly called Sage BMS Online Services (SBOS) and Sage ERP Online Services (SEOS).

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