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Common HMRC online submission error messages

To submit your VAT Return online Sage 200c must upload the VAT Return to the Government Gateway - a website which allows you to access online government services.

When you submit your VAT Return online to the Government Gateway it is tested to ensure meets the HMRC file requirements. If the VAT Return does not pass this validation, the submission fails and The HMRC sends back an error code highlighting the reason for the failure of the submission.

Here is a list of common error codes associated with the VAT Return.

Code Description Notes
0 Unable to connect to Gateway

The Sage 200c Internet Submissions module cannot connect to the Government Gateway.

Possible issues
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Your internet security software may be blocking messages sent to HMRC.
  • If you access the internet through a proxy server or router, access to the Government Gateway may be blocked.

There are invalid characters such as spaces in the submission credentials - the telephone number or contact name.

If you receive this message edit your contact details.

Possible issues
  • The telephone number cannot contain letters, such as 'ext'.
  • The contact name cannot contain numbers or characters such as '-'.
1046 The supplied user credentials failed verification for the requested service.

The Government Gateway does not recognise the User ID or password.

Attempt to connect again ensuring the user ID and password

1101 The VRN specified was not found. The VAT registration number is not correct.
1102 The open period specified for the VRN was not found.

The return has been submitted for a future period.

  • Check that you are not submitting the VAT Return before the end of the period. For example, if your VAT period runs from 1 May to 31 July, the earliest date that you can submit the return is 1 August.
  • Check that you have not already submitted information for this period previously.
1201 The declaration submitted is for a period over six years old.

Check the dates on the VAT Return you are trying to submit.

They cannot be more than six years old.

2 The currency code specified is not supported.

Your currency is not set to GBP.

Online submissions are allowed only for GBP. Check that your base currency is set to GBP in Sage 200c.