Manage disputed invoices

Note: To use disputed invoices you must choose Use disputed invoice processing in the POP Settings.

You may want to mark your invoices as Disputed when discrepancies are found with the invoice details you receive from your suppliers. While marked as disputed, an invoice is suspended and postings are not made to other modules. This means there will be no evidence of the invoice being received in either the Purchase Ledger or Nominal Ledger.

Dispute an invoice

Open: Purchase Order Processing > Order Processing > Record Purchase Invoice.

  1. Click Dispute Invoice . The Dispute Detail window is displayed.
  2. Select the dispute from the Code drop-down list.
  3. Enter further comments in the Dispute comment box (optional).
  4. Click OK. The item is marked as disputed and you return to the purchase order invoice or credit note record.

Manage disputed invoices

Once an invoice is marked as disputed, you can:

  • Amend the invoice.

    This allows you to match further items to the invoice. Once the amendment has been made, the invoice can remain disputed or it can be accepted and posted.

  • Accept the invoice.

    If the invoice is no longer in dispute, you choose to accept the invoice and the relevant postings are made.

  • Resolve with a credit note.

    The credit note details are entered to satisfy the disputed invoice and associated order items. The invoice is no longer disputed and the relevant postings are made.

  • Delete the invoice.

    This removes all trace of the invoice. No postings are made.

  • Write off the invoice.

    Use this if you want to write off the difference between the order price and the invoice price on a disputed invoice and you have chosen to update stock prices when invoices are recorded.