Web Extensions

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Open: Settings > Organisational and Financial > Web Extensions

What are Web Extensions?

You can use Web Extensions to customise screens in the Web Portal.

You can customise web screens by using a JSON schema file, without having to write complex JavaScript.

Note - information

To learn more about producing your own Web Extensions, visit the Sage Developer site (opens in a new tab).

Manage Web Extensions

The Web Extensions list shows all the current extensions that have been added to the Web Portal and are available to use.

Open: Settings > Organisational and Financial > Web Extensions

  • You can add a new extension, amend an extension, or delete an extension.

  • To enable or disable an extension in the list, select Amend and set Web extension enabled.

    Tip: If you have any problems with your extensions, you can use Disable All to quickly disable all of the extensions. You can then re-enable each extension one-by-one to help identify which extension has a problem.

  • If you want to share an extension or edit the extension outside of Sage 200, you can download the JSON schema file for the extension. Select Amend, then select Download JSON.

Using the editor

You can use the editor to write the JSON code for your extensions, or copy and paste JSON code from an external editor.

  • For a list of available commands and keyboard shortcuts in the editor, press F1 inside the editor.

  • For help on accessibility options in the editor, press Alt+F1 inside the editor.

  • To optimise the editor for usage with a screen reader, press Ctrl+E inside the editor.

Control access to this screen

You might want to control who can add or amend your Web Portal customisations.

You can do this by controlling user access to the Web Extensions feature in User Access in the Sage 200 desktop.

Open: Settings > Organisational and Financial > User Access

  1. Select the user.

  2. Enable or disable the feature Accounting System Manager > Administration > Web Extensions (Web Portal).