Set up Power BI

Set up Power BI for Microsoft 365

Follow the steps below to set up Power BI for Microsoft 365.

  • Activate your Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • Create user accounts in Sage Business Centre and give them access to connected apps.
  • Set up user email addresses in Sage 200.

See Set up Microsoft 365 for connected apps, Power BI, or Power Automate.

Install the Power BI connector

Install the Power BI connector on each PC that you will use the Power BI desktop app. The Power BI connector enables the Power BI desktop app to connect to your Sage 200 database.

Note - information

To install the Power BI connector, you will need to sign in using a Windows account with administrator permissions.

To install the Power BI connector from Sage 200:

Tools > Installers > Install Power BI connector.

  • The Power BI connector is installed locally on your PC, and will be available as a data connector in Power BI Desktop.

    Note: By default the connector file is installed to Users\(your username)\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors\Sage200.pqx.

Set up the Power BI Desktop app

Note - warning

The Power BI Desktop app is free, but we recommend using the Pro version if you want to publish and share dashboards and reports.