Send report data to Excel with Report Designer (video)

You can now send any Sage 200 report data to Excel. This allows you to analyse data from your reports in a table format in Excel. You can then work with the data in Excel, such as filtering the information, or using pivot tables. This is different to the existing functionality to Export data to Excel.

  • To send the report to Excel, click Data to Excel from the report preview.

You can't send data to Excel when the report is sent to the spooler first.

Only the actual report data is sent to Excel, so it will not contain expressions or calculations.

The order of the data in Excel may be different to the order in the report.

Send data to Excel

This video shows you:

  • How to send data from a report to Excel using Data to Excel.

    Note: The video describes the Send to Excel option, which has been renamed to Data to Excel.

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