Use the Sage Contact app with Microsoft 365

This feature is only available from Sage 200 Professional Winter 2017 version onwards.

You can use the Sage Contact app to see details of your Sage 200 customers and suppliers in Outlook for Microsoft 365. You can view and update contact details, add memos, and view account balance and recent transactions. All of the changes you make in Outlook are synchronised with Sage 200.

If you haven't already set up Sage 200 to integrate with Microsoft 365, see Set up Microsoft 365 for connected apps, the Web Portal, Self Service web app, Power BI, Power Automate, or the API.

Watch a video

Sage Contact app (video)

Open Sage Contact in the Outlook web app

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 using your Microsoft account that's linked to Sage 200.
  2. Open the Outlook app.
  3. To look up a contact from an email, select the ... (More actions) menu and choose Sage Contact.

  4. The Sage Contact app appears to the right of your email.

    You may need to sign in using your Microsoft 365 account.

  5. The Sage Contact app will look up the email address in your message, and check to see if they're a customer or supplier contact in Sage 200.

    • If a single email address is found, the details of that contact are displayed.
    • If multiple email addresses are found, you can choose which contact to display.
    • If the email address cannot be found, you can link it to one of your existing customer or supplier accounts.

Using the Sage Contact app

View and amend account details

Select the Overview tab to view the account status and balance, contact details, and analysis codes.

  • To change any of the contact details, click the edit icon.

View transactions

Select the History tab to view the account balance and recent transactions.

  • You can view recent invoices, credit notes, receipts and payments.

    This includes invoices and credit notes that are completed.

View email message

Select the Comms tab to view your most recent email messages with this contact.

  • You can view the email by clicking on its title.

Add and view memos

Select the Memos tab to view, add or edit memos for this account.

  • To add a new memo, click New.
  • To edit a memo, click .
  • To delete a memo, click .

View contacts in Microsoft 365

You can see customer and supplier contacts in the People app in Microsoft 365.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 using the Microsoft account that's linked to Sage 200.
  2. In Microsoft 365, click the app launcher then click People.
  3. Navigate to Your contacts > Other contacts > Sage (company).