Unreconcile bank transactions

You can unreconcile transactions that have previously been reconciled in error.

Transactions are displayed according to their transaction date and not when they were reconciled. The Page No column indicates which bank reconciliation a transaction was included in.

Tip: Don't forget - as you've unreconciled a transaction, the statement balance is updated. This means that the statement balance in Sage 200 may not match the opening balance on your bank statement the next time you reconcile.

To unreconcile bank transactions

Open: Cash Book > Period End Routines > Unreconcile Bank Transactions.

  1. Select the bank account.

  2. If required, change the page number.

    This increments by 1 every time you reconcile or unreconcile.

  3. Enter a date range to display reconciled transactions.
  4. Click Display.

  5. Select transactions to unreconcile from the top list and move them to the bottom list.

    1. For a single transaction, double-click to add it straight to the matched list.
    2. For a group of transactions:
      • Click the checkbox or (or use Shift+click first). Selected items are highlighted.
      • Click Match checked items.

      You can see a running total of selected transactions in the Selected Balance box.

  6. To unreconcile the transactions in the bottom list, click Unreconcile.

Remove a transaction from the bottom list

If you mistakenly select a transaction to unreconcile, you can remove it from this list.

To remove transactions from the bottom list, either:

  • Double-click a single transaction.
  • Select a group of transactions (use Shift + click) and click Unmatch checked items.