Change supplier account status (hide or put on hold)

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Hide customer or supplier accounts (video)

Find this screen

Open: Suppliers > Supplier List > Account Status.

How to

Put an account on hold

Use this when you want to temporarily suspend an account and prevent new transactions being created for it.

  1. Just select the On Hold option.
  2. Enter a reason, if required

Hide a supplier account

You can hide an account that you're no longer using. For example, if you've ceased trading with this supplier. This removes the account from supplier lookup lists and helps prevent the account being selected in error.

  • To hide an account, set the Active Status to Hidden.

    Enter a reason, if required.

  • To show an account, set the Active Status to Active.

Useful info

Who can do this

Any user with access to the Account Status screen can hide supplier accounts or put them on hold.

If you want to only allow this for specific users, then you can restrict who can access this by using the User Access screen.

See Assign feature access to users.

Updating a supplier's on hold status

Once an account in On Hold, you can't enter new transactions, invoices or sales orders for that supplier.

However you can still process existing transactions, or purchase orders, although you will see a warning to say the account is On Hold.

For example, you can:

  • Post and allocate payments.
  • Post existing direct debit and standing order payments to the account.
  • Write off the supplier account.
  • Reverse and delete transactions from the account.
  • Print and post purchase orders.

How can I see which accounts are on hold?

The easiest way to do this is to add a column to the Supplier List:

Open: Suppliers > Supplier List.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the list.
  2. Choose Columns > On Hold.

You can also choose whether to include on hold accounts on the List Of Accounts and Account Details reports ( Suppliers > Supplier Reports > Account Analysis).

About hiding supplier accounts

It's useful to hide any accounts that you're no longer using. This could be for suppliers that you've ceased trading with or for accounts created in error or duplicated.

Hiding an account prevents them being selected in error. The account is removed from the Suppliers List and all lookup lists. This means the account can't be selected when you're entering or processing transactions, purchase orders.

What if the account still has a balance?

You can hide or put an account on hold at any time, even if there is still a remaining balance, so it's best to use this carefully.

Can transactions still be posted to hidden accounts?

Any transactions that can be accessed without selecting a supplier account can still be processed.

  • If the account has outstanding purchase orders, these can still be selected and processed from the Purchase Order list.
  • Direct debits / standing orders can still be processed.
  • Purchase orders can still be generated if the hidden supplier is set as the preferred supplier on a stock item. You can check this from the Who Supplies What workspace (Stock Control > Enquiries)

To make sure that future transactions are not posted to this account, we recommend that you that you check your stock items and recurring transactions.

What if I hide an account in error?

If the account has been hidden incorrectly, just come back to this screen and set Active Status to Active.

Where can I see hidden accounts?

  • You can see the details of any hidden accounts on the Supplier Account Enquiry. Hidden accounts are included on the look up list here.
  • You can print a list of hidden accounts from the Accounts Not Active report (Suppliers > Supplier Reports > Account Analysis).
  • You can choose whether to include hidden accounts on the List Of Accounts and Account Details reports (Suppliers > Supplier Reports > Account Analysis).

Where can I see the reason accounts have been hidden?

This is shown on the Accounts Not Active report (Suppliers > Supplier Reports > Account Analysis).