Generate a suggested payment file

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Open: Suppliers > Payment Processing > Generate Suggested Payments.

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Suggested Payments (video)

How to

Generate a suggested payment file

  1. Enter a Remittance date.

    Invoices with a due date up to this date are included.

  2. If you only want to pay overdue invoices, enter the number of days overdue.
  3. If you want to make sure all invoices with settlement discounts are paid, select Include all invoices with settlement discount regardless of their age.

    This adds all invoices that have settlement discounts, even if their due date is after the specified Remittance Date.

  4. Click OK.

Useful info

Generating a suggested payment file

The automatic supplier payment feature enables you to select groups of invoices and then either post payments to all or a subset of them.

The process revolves around a suggested payments file which contains the details of the customer invoices that could be paid. There can be only one suggested payments file on the system at any one time and as you work with it you:

  • Specify the period of time it is to cover. Only invoices raised during the period you specify are included in a suggested payment file.
  • Remove entire invoices or amend the amount to be paid against an invoice before you generate payments.
  • Pay only a single supplier or a group of suppliers who are detailed in a suggested payment file.

When invoices will be omitted from the file

In certain circumstances the automatic process will not include invoices in the file. If you discover expected invoices or payments are missing it may be because:

  • The supplier has been placed on hold.

    The on hold status must be removed from the supplier record before any of its invoices will be included in a payments file.

  • An invoice is under query or dated after the payment date.

    Invoices and payments are placed under query on the Supplier Allocations screen.

  • If a payment would exceed the maximum payment allowed.

    If the total of all selected invoices for an individual supplier exceeds the maximum single payment amount your company is willing to pay any one supplier then Sage 200cloud will ignore all invoices for that supplier. To prevent this happening:

    • Allocate all payments to invoices before you generate the suggested payment file to ensure invoices that have already been paid are not selected.
    • Review the suggested payments file and remove some of the invoices or reduce the amount being paid from invoices until the total amount is less than your company's maximum allowed payment.
    • Increase the maximum amount your company is willing to pay.

What happens when

What happens when I generate a suggested payment file?

The file remains within Sage 200cloud - there is no physical file for you to worry about.

You can:

  • Review and amend the amounts that will be paid against the individual invoices listed in the file.
  • Go and immediately pay all the invoices listed for a single supplier or a group of suppliers.