Print reports from the spooler

Sending reports to the spooler allows you to continue to work without waiting for your reports to be printed. This is useful if you have a large number of reports to print. The reports stay in the spooler until you delete them. You can print them as often as you require.

Note: Reports are sent to the spooler if the Output Mode is set to Spooler.

Print and manage your reports

Open: Spooler .

Tip: You can also press Ctrl+Shift+S to open the spooler window.

This shows a list of all reports that have been sent to the spooler.

You can:

  • View: Preview the report on screen.
  • Print: Print the report. The report will still remain in the queue so you can print it again.
  • Email: Email the report.

    If you have not entered any email options for the report in Report Designer, this opens your email program for you to set up an email message. The report file will be attached to the email.

    If you have set up email options for the report in Report Designer, this emails the report to the specified recipients.

  • Delete: Delete the report from the spooler queue.

    It is good practice to delete old reports from the spooler queue regularly to prevent it from getting too large.

  • Refresh: Update the list. This is useful if you have been deleting old reports.
  • Use Filters to only show the reports you're interested in.
    • You can filter the list by Report name, the User who produced the document, the Company (if you use multiple companies), the date of the report, or the status of the report (printed or not printed). Once you've selected the criteria, click Display to filter the list.
    • If you've filtered the list and want to show all reports again, click Reset.
  • Sort the list. Click a column heading to sort the list of reports by that column. Click again to swap between ascending and descending order.

Note: You can't use the Data To Excel feature when reports are sent to the spooler. If you want to use this, then you'll need to Preview the report.