Supplier workspaces

Use the supplier workspaces to investigate and find information about your supplier accounts and transactions. You can find the amounts you owe your suppliers and when you last made a payment to them. This helps you to determine the status of individual accounts.

The workspaces differ from the enquiries in that you can:

  • See information for more than one supplier at a time.
  • Select a supplier or transaction, and detailed information about it is shown on linked panels.
  • Hide and display columns as required.
  • Filter the lists to only see the items you're interested in.
  • Print and export the lists to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Run related reports.

Supplier Account Enquiry

Open: Suppliers > Supplier Enquiries > Supplier Account Enquiry.

Use this to see details of your supplier accounts such as address and contact details, aged balances and so on.

Supplier Transaction Enquiry

Open: Suppliers > Supplier Enquiries > Supplier Transaction Enquiry.

Use this to see a detailed breakdown of each current transaction held on your supplier accounts. You can use this to establish whether it has been fully paid, part paid or remains outstanding.