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Online payments

To operate online payment processing within Sage 200, you need to set up your system as follows.

Set up System Administration

  1. Select the payment service provider.
  2. Open: System Administration > Online Payments.

  3. Add vendor accounts.
  4. A vendor accountThe Sage 200 account that links with the online payment service provider account. identifier accompanies every payment transaction made with the online payment service provider.

    Open: System Administration > Online Payments > Vendor Accounts.

  5. Authorise:

Set up Sage 200

The following steps are done within the Sage 200 program.

  1. Set up merchant accounts.
  2. Open: Accounting System Manager > Settings > Merchant Account Settings.

  3. Enable card processing.
    1. To accept online payments for invoices:
    2. Open: Sales Ledger > Ledger Set Up > Ledger Settings | Options.

    3. To accept online payments for sales orders:
    4. Open: Sales Order Processing > System Set Up > SOP Settings | Order Entry.

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Last updated: 23 December 2015

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