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Set up the Nominal Ledger

Before using the Nominal Ledger, you must enter the settings you want to use to customise the ledger to meet your company's needs.

The settings are grouped on several tabs. The setting descriptions may cover more than one box on the window, if the boxes are related. Use the setting descriptions to make decisions about how to use the nominal ledger, such as:

Use Ledger Settings to enter or change your Nominal Ledger settings.

The View Ledger Settings option allows you to see the settings entered for the Nominal Ledger. You cannot enter or change the settings here.

To enter or view the nominal ledger settings

Open: Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Ledger Set Up > Ledger Settings.

Open: Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Ledger Set Up > View Ledger Settings

Enter or view the settings on the following tabs:

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Last updated: 23 December 2015

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