Completing works orders

To track goods through the manufacturing process, enter the quantities currently completed at each operation. Once the goods have passed through all the operations required, you can mark the works order as Completed.

You can complete individual works orders and if you select Allow Multiple in the Complete section of the Allocate/Issue/Complete tab in Works Order settings, you can complete multiple batch orders too.

Note: Completion increases the stock levels of the finished item. In order to update the costs of the finished items and update the Nominal Ledger, you must close the works order after you have completed it.

If you need to complete a works order which has an outstanding quantity, for example, the works order is for 100 but only 92 have been built, enter the completed quantity as 92 for the individual works order and select the check box Complete works order regardless of quantity. This will prompt you to confirm that you want to return unused components to stock and when you confirm this, the outstanding quantity of 8 is returned into stock. The order will be marked as Complete and can then be closed in the usual manner to ensure the nominal adjustments are posted correctly.

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