Add goods and services (standard items)

Add standard items

Open: Sales Order Processing > Sales Orders > Enter New Order - Full | Order Details.

  1. Click Add items.
  2. Select Standard Item.
  3. Click Save to confirm. Click Proceed for batch/serial numbered items.

Add a cross-selling item

Cross-selling items are complimentary items that you can add for standard items in the sales order. For example, if you sell a printer, you might want to show print cartridges or cables for that printer. For more information, see Cross-selling stock items.

When you add a standard item to an order, you can add any cross-selling items for the item.

  1. Click Add to add a Standard item to the order.

  2. Enter a the item details, then select Save and Cross-sell.

  3. To add a cross-selling item to the order:

    1. Select a Warehouse, if it is blank.

      You can change the warehouse if required.

    2. Enter a Quantity for the item.

      If you don't want to include the item, just leave the quantity as zero.

    3. The selling unit, price and discount information is displayed once you enter the quantity and warehouse.

      You can change the Unit Price or Discount percentage, if you have appropriate permissions.

    4. Select Save to add the cross-selling items to the order.

You can only add cross-selling items to standard items; not free text items, additional charges, or comment lines.

If the Save and Cross-sell button is disabled, there are no cross-selling items for this stock item.

If the Save and Cross-sell button is not visible, then cross-selling has not been enabled in SOP Settings.