Register Sage 200

You must register Sage 200 before you can use it. Your licence is activated via the internet using the Sage Licensing Service. To access this service, you must have an active internet connection that is not blocked by firewalls.

You normally register when you install Sage 200, but you can update the registration from System Administration at any time, for example if you purchase additional user licences or additional modules.

If you are using Sage 200 Professional deployed on-premise, you can also register offline.

To register Sage 200 online

To register Sage 200 online, using the Sage Licensing Service:

  1. Select Licence, then select Actions > Update.
  2. Enter the customer Account Number.
  3. Enter the product Serial Number.
  4. Click OK.

    The system automatically contacts Sage for a valid licence. This licence enables you to use Sage 200.

Where do I find my licence details in the Sage Provisioning Portal?

  • To find the Account Number that you need to enter in System Administration:

    1. Open Sage Provisioning Portal.

    2. Open Dashboard > Site dashboard.

    3. Open the site.

    4. On the site information page, find the Serial number. Use this as your Account Number in System Administration.

  • To find the Serial Number that you need to enter in System Administration:

    1. Open Sage Provisioning Portal.

    2. Select Organisations > Customers.

    3. Open the customer account.

    4. On the customer information page, find the Sage Account Id. Use this as your Serial Number in System Administration.

For more information, see Accessing and opening Sage 200 Professional when setup in SPP.

To register offline

To register offline, you generate a licence request file which you send to your Sage Support provider via email. You will receive a licence entitlement file which you import to register Sage 200.

  1. In System Administration, right-click Licence.

  2. Enter your Account Number and Serial Number and click Generate Licence Request.

    This creates a licence file in XML format which you send to your Sage Support provider.

  3. Browse to where you want to save the XML file.
  4. Enter a File name and click Save.
  5. Email this XML file to your Sage Support provider.

You will receive an email with your refreshed licence entitlement file attached. This has the extension .ent (Entitlement files). Save this file to your PC.

  1. Open System Administration > Licence.
  2. Right-click and select Import Licence File.

  3. Click Import Licence File and browse to where you saved the ENT file.
  4. Select the file and click Open.
  5. Your license is activated.